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Emergency Food Relief

Phil Dixon Pantry


Phil Dixon Pantry (formerly PICAL Pantry) is emergency food relief for anybody living in our community.  It is coordinated by volunteers and relies on donations from the community to support the program.

One of the sources of food is Food bank Victoria.

Second Bite

SecondBite Community Connect™ is an innovative model of food rescue that facilitates the redistribution of surplus fresh food from local food donors directly to Charity Partners. This sustainable and award-winning program was created in 2009 to enable food rescue in outer urban, regional and remote contexts and support local community partnerships.
The program addresses the issue of food waste and enables not for profit Charity Partners to access fresh food for free to use in their community programs. 


PICAL's Second Bite partner is Aldi, Cowes and we source other food from Food Bank Victoria for our PICAL Pantry. 
All of the food is free and we encourage members of the community to call in to PICAL to collect this lovely surplus of fresh fruit and vegetables when available.


The relationship between Charity Partners and local food donors creates long term, sustainable partnerships through valuable collaboration of the welfare and business sectors.