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An open letter to our community

Dear Phillip Island Community,

PICAL, your Phillip Island Community & Learning Centre needs your help!

As well as our traditional education services, PICAL  supports our community in a range of ways.

We are going through challenging times.

We know that the local community, including businesses are 'doing it tough' and, as many others have experienced, our PICAL funds are now under significant strain. 

We are asking for your support, this will enable us to continue helping more than 60 people that visit PICAL every weekday and to keep delivering our support services. In the last two years we have;

  • Distributed 9,000 food hampers

  • Cooked 11,000 nutritious meals

  • Helped 7,000 Pantry users who aren't certain where their next meal will come from (sadly half of these people are children).

  • Helped 350 people in dire situations experiencing homelessness, fleeing family violence or other personal trauma.

  • Welcomed around 50 people who visit and enjoy our Community Garden each week.

  • Assisted over 120 people to find employment

Without our numerous volunteers and those who already regularly donate to PICAL, providing these services would not be possible - A big thank you to all of you, we truly appreciate your generosity and contributions.​

To continue with this level of community service into the future,  our  home at Warley Avenue Cowes and  our  Community Garden,  need your help!


We very much welcome your contributions. Thank you in advance and please stay safe.

Jeff Floyd

Former PICAL President

Sponsorship and Grants 

PICAL is always ready to consider partnering with sponsors and other grant bodies in delivering services and benefits to our community  Please contact our Centre Manager, David Rooks, for more information.

PICAL is a registered charity and has GST tax concession status. We gratefully accept donations and sponsorship for our various programs. Please contact Centre Manager David Rooks for more information

Please note that PICAL does not deal in second-hand goods and does not have storage, so we cannot accept old furniture, equipment or household goods. What we really need are cash donations. 

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