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Volunteering at PICAL

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At PICAL our organisation depends on  volunteers to provide services to the community.  We currently have in excess of 80 volunteers with 60 attending each fortnight.  Volunteers provide 300 service hours a week.

Our volunteers come to PICAL for a variety of reasons including;

* To fulfill obligations to Centrelink

* To make a positive difference to their community

* To improve their social connectedness

* To give back to the service that supported them

​PICAL volunteers help in a variety of areas such as, reception, building and maintenance, pantry drivers, community garden, food pantry, casserole cooking and Women Connect. We are also working towards our volunteers working in additional areas such as the environment.

Click here to volunteer at PICAL!


We appreciate the generosity and involvement of our volunteers, with every contribution going towards making PICAL an even better resource for our local community. As a regular volunteer at PICAL you can join any of our Learn Local classes for FREE!

If you would like more information about volunteering at PICAL please contact

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